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Fifty Shades of Sharks

Directors : Alexis Barbier-Bouvet and Didier Noirot

Format: 43 '| 4K

In coproduction with : Arte | Le Cinquième Rêve | Subimagery Productions

International Broadcasts : National Geographic WILD | NDR

Distributor : Arte Distribution

Issued : 2021

The privacy of sharks

They hunt, gather in horde, are the object of uncontrollable frenzies, swoop down violently on their prey ... Sharks are often considered as wild beasts and killing machines, blinded by their primitive instinct ...

Contrary to this idea, this film will shatter received ideas and reveal unknown aspects of sharks: delicate, shy, ingenious, harmless ... Sometimes clumsy or unlucky, they too are prey and must dearly defend their skin. Surviving in the ocean is not as easy as you might think, even for a shark!

Thanks to unprecedented 4K images filmed by Didier Noirot, sharks here share a secret part of their intimacy with us, and reveal their behaviors to us for the first time. This immersion in their private life could change forever the way we look at sharks.

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