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Climate change

Global warming is true. Current measurements show a rise in temperatures far beyond scientists' forecasts. Why is the fight against global warming not a priority for each government? The effects of climate change would be dramatic for the young generation, but don't the decision-makers of this world, mostly elderly, prioritize their own pleasures?

Testimony. What I saw :

Antarctica - Dumont d'Urville Polar Station


I was on the polar base of Dumont d'Urville in Antarctica from October to the end of December 2006. It was for the filming of the film Oceans (Disney Nature).

The weather was always cold and dry, even if it snowed when there was a storm. Ten years later, I returned to the same place, at the same time. The ambient temperature was 8 ° C higher than in 2006… It was raining, which had never happened in the past.

The pack ice was soft and no longer broke under the action of the northern swell. It no longer extended over a few tens of kilometers from the coast as before, but much further offshore, beyond 120 km, a distance far too great to cover for the Adélie penguins who had to return regularly to land to feed their young. .

We can imagine what follows, the nests are abandoned by the parents who cannot go more than 5 days without feeding ... This year, all the chicks died !

Astrolabe in the ice floe.jpg

Canada - Labrador Current

Since 2011 I go every year to Newfoundland in July, the "summer home" of the humpback whales. A crucial stage in the life of the whales which force-feed on capelin during this period, to replenish the fat reserves they will need to make their 4000 km journey to the Dominican Republic in the fall.

In Newfoundland, in 2011 and for the two years that followed, the water temperature was between 1 ° and 3 ° Celcius at a depth of about twenty meters. But since then, the temperature has increased a little more each year. In 2019 it was between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius at the same depth.

Capelin, which need cold water to lay eggs, therefore descend deeper, even if some spawning still takes place on the beaches. Whales that feed on capelin must therefore descend deeper to feed, and thus expend more energy. Are they already using up their fat reserves before starting their big journey south?

According to David ATTENBOROUGH

"We have less than 10 years to reverse the temperature rise on the planet."

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