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Expeditions Highlights


2020 Conveying from Le Crouesty to Hyeres, France

Balthazar left Le Crouesty on June 8, 2020, confinement requires !

After an 8-day technical stopover in La Rochelle, the departure for the Mediterranean took place on June 15.

During the first night of sailing, Balthazar showed that she could hold a course upwind without an autopilot and without any of us touching the helm! The boat is certainly perfectly balanced, a feat of the Garcia shipyard.

The Bay of Biscay was relatively calm and the favorable winds along Portugal allowed us to peak at 12.2 knots.

On the other hand, calm in Gibraltar then headwinds along Andalusia to Barcelona where we made a second technical stopover to intervene at the top of the mast. The next day, when leaving the dikes, a small sailfish jumped in front of us several times. Encouraging, right ?

Tyrrhenian Sea

Mediterranean sperm whales between Sardinia and Sicily

Sperm Whales2-2020.jpg

Ustica - Sicily

The Shrimp make the show



The Grouper


The Mediterranean Octopus


The journey continues to other underwater encounters in order to capture all the richness of marine life.

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