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They came on Balthazar


Celine Cousteau


Céline Cousteau came aboard the Balthazar.

American documentary filmmaker. She is the granddaughter of oceanographic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910-1997) and the daughter of Jean-Michel Cousteau.

She told us about her exploration projects and the worrying topics that are in the news ...


His 9-year-old son Félix is already in his element on the sailboat where everything is teaching for him.

Çapkin van Alphen, her husband, teamed up with Didier on Balthazar for a day and a night of sailing in the Mediterranean.

'' We love what amazed us and we protect what we love '' said Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Vincent Maran


Vincent Maran came aboard Balthazar as a photographer.


Master in Marine Biology.


Writer of marine biology articles in various newspapers.

Marine biology internship Organizer in France and in tropical seas.
Designer of educational or entertaining documents in marine biology (written or CDR): "Adaptive strategies of Crustaceans", Bio Mediterranean, Atlantic, Red Sea, Discovery Bio for children ...

In November 2004, he created a marine biology website particularly adapted in its content and in its illustrations to the expectations of divers, who are indeed more and more numerous to be curious about all the forms of life they encounter during their underwater explorations. This project was presented to the College of National Biology Instructors of the FFESSM and received from it an excellent reception. It became the Doris website.

Gerard Schumacher


Gérard Schumacher came aboard Balthazar.


CNRS research director, physicist and astrophysicist at the Nice Observatory, also wonders about the causes and effects of global warming.

He also gave us a superb presentation of the birth of the universe, from the Bing Bang to today. Our Earth is our spaceship and although there are certainly other habitable exoplanets, we do not yet have the knowledge to visit them ...

José Bové


José Bové came to Balthazar.

Agricultural trade unionist, French politician and European deputy until 2019.

Alterglobalist known for his fights: Defense for peasant agriculture, fight against GMOs and "Junk food".

Marina Kazankova


Marina Kazankova came aboard Balthazar.

2016 Freediving World Champion and Russian actress.

In the Woman category, the Russian diver covered 124 meters in one breath, the longest horizontal distance ever freediving in the ocean.

Olly scholey

Olly Scholey.jpg

Olly Scholey came aboard Balthazar.

English filmmaker working for Silverback Productions, renowned for making the greatest animal documentaries on the planet.

After graduating in zoology, Olly Scholey quickly immersed himself in Nature, spending more than 800 days in the field, from the depths of the ocean to the poles.

He has been, among others, seven times in the Arctic or in the Antarctic, spent 6 months non-stop in wild Alaska in search of Grizzlies ...

Over the past ten years, he has captured stunning images for the BBC The Hunt, Disney Nature Bears, and Netflix Our Planet.

Olly is always on the lookout for subjects to film, which makes him a valuable ally on
quality animal film productions.

Olly is now working on Mating Games, the next big 5-part series produced by the BBC.
He is also a drone pilot.


Thanks to them !

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